What is RVH’s securities code?
Our securities code is 6786.
How many shares make up one trading unit?
One trading unit consists of 100 shares.
Please tell me about your dividend policy.
RVH is aware that passing on profits to shareholders is an important managerial responsibility.
Our fundamental policy regarding dividends is to make decisions after consideration of each fiscal year’s business results while paying careful attention to the need to enrich internal reserves in order to prepare for active future business
expansion and to strengthen our corporate structure.
Recognizing this need, RVH must regretfully inform its shareholders that it does not intend to pay dividends at this time.
We will use our internal reserves to strengthen our management structure in order to respond to projected changes in management environment, and effectively invest in an M&A strategy that targets expansion of existing businesses and
participation in new business domains. Through these activities, RVH will aim to raise future value for all of its shareholders.
When is the general shareholders’ meeting held?
The general shareholders’ meeting is held annually in Tokyo at the end of June. (We post convocation notices on this website.)
Which companies will serve as the shareholder registry administrator and the special account management institution?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited handles both of these roles.
Who should I contact for inquiries about various stock procedures? (change of address, request for purchase or conversion of fractional shares, etc.)
*For shareholders who have opened accounts with securities companies
→Please contact your securities company for more information.
On what date do you conclude your financial term?
We conclude our financial term on March 31.
What types of reference materials are available concerning RVH’s financial results?
Our most recent financial results summaries and financial highlights are available on this website. Please feel free to review them.