Disclosure Policy

 RVH Inc. (or, “the Company”) works to promptly provide information to all of its shareholders and investors on the bases of transparency, fairness and sustainability. We also strive to disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and timely disclosure rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Additionally, RVH endeavors to release information quickly and accurately when it judges that information to be effective toward spreading understanding of the Company and its subsidiaries.

How we disclose information

 The disclosure of information subject to timely disclosure regulations is conducted via the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Information Transmission System (TDnet), in accordance with the same regulations. As a general rule, we will promptly post the information on our website. In addition, we will endeavor to ensure that information that does not fall under timely disclosure regulations is communicated to investors accurately and fairly by disclosing it via the company’s IR site or through distributed documents, reflecting the intent of timely disclosure.

Regarding future outlook

 In addition to the forecasts that we submit to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where we have listed our shares, we may also provide information regarding financial forecasts using other methods. In addition, information on plans, forecasts, and strategies may be included in Q&A session appearing in news releases, shareholder meetings, and briefing sessions for institutional investors, etc. This information has been deemed reasonable by our management based on data that was available at the time of its creation. However, it does include risks and uncertainties. Please be aware that actual results may vary considerably from projections due to various factors.

The silent period

 RVH has a quiet period that lasts from two weeks before the closing date of each quarter to the announcement of financial statements to ensure fairness and to prevent the leakage of important company information. During this period, we will not respond to questions regarding, or comment on, information related to financial statements. However, exceptions will be made, even during this period, when the Company determines that certain information will have a significant impact on investors’ investment decisions.